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HVAC Cleaning

Why clean air ducts?

  • Eliminates dust/dirt and biological matter in the air stream
  • Maximizes efficiency of the HVAC system resulting in reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Lower overall system maintenance costs
  • Provide for a healthier environment, resulting in better employee health, less absenteeism, and more productive work place.

When to clean air ducts

  • Unit is run unprotected during a tenant improvement
  • A replacement unit is installed onto existing ducting
  • Modifying existing duct system with new ducting
  • Excessive dust is found on desks and tabletops
  • There is an increase in the units energy usage
  • Smoke and/or water damage has occurred
  • Changes in air flow from diffusers and hot and cold spots (out of balance)
  • Air quality has deteriorated (increase allergic reactions)
  • Visual inspection shows a dust build up in the system.