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Industrial Vacuuming

Innovac is equipped with the most powerful mobile vacuum equipment available, including Vactor, Supersucker, and Guzzler. Our trucks have a payload capacity of up to 17 cu. yards (or 3,000 gal.) and can handle pulls of 800' horizontal, 150' vertical. They are capable of vacuuming a broad range of materials from fine dust to 4" diameter pit run. In addition to dry materials, our Vactors can remove heavy sludge, slurry and straight liquids.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service – 206-819-3737
  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Jetting of sewer and water lines
  • Attic Insulation
    • With our Industrial Vacuum trucks removal of home insulation is a simplified process, ideal for restoration or contamination situations.
  • Car Wash
    • Catch basins, Manholes, Strip Drains, Pits, Tunnels & Oil/Water Separators.
  • Crawl Spaces
    • We remove contaminated soil, sewage spills and mud removal from crawlspaces on a weekly basis for our customers and with great, economical results.
  • Golf Courses
    • Sediment removal from ponds, wash bays, storm filters and bunkers.
  • Holding Tanks
    • We are able to clean all different kinds of liquid holding tanks for pick up, remediation or replacement.
  • Hydro-Excavation
    • Precision excavation to locate and expose utilities without damaging conduits, unknown underground utilities or affecting surrounding surface.
  • Ponds and Swales
    • We can clean any type of pond/swale sediment and also perform the physical removal of noxious weeds from retention ponds to ensure that your facility maintains compliance with WSDA (Washington State Dept. of Agriculture), WA State, County & Municipal water quality standards.
  • Roof Rock & Planter Boxes Cleaning
    • We have the ability to clean raised planter boxes and roof rock/ballast from a single story building to a 15 story building safely.
  • Storm/Surface Water Systems
    • We can perform preventive maintenance, complete an inspection checklist of repairs or be tasked with emergency response clean ups of your storm system and deliver beneficial results, with proven consistency.
  • Waste-water services
    • Our industrial vacuum trucks can remove raw sewage spills/overflows. Sewer line backed up? Manhole has roots growing inside of it? Need your line cleaned due to grease build up issues? We will do everything that we can to get your system up and running again, in the most efficient way possible.