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CCTV Pipeline Video Inspection Services

Let us assist you in maintaining your underground infrastructure

Innovac is proud to offer CCTV pipeline video inspection services.

We are 100% NASSCO compliant (PACP, LACP & MACP certified) and capable of inspecting lines as small as a 2” side sewer up to 96” metro trunk lines. Whether you need to have CCTV inspections performed for engineering, pre-acceptance (new construction), maintenance, emergency response or supplemental surface locating purposes, Innovac is a clear choice to meet your needs. We are now offering push camera services, small mainline crawler, large diameter crawler and lateral (side sewer) launch inspections.

After extensive customer research, we completely rebuilt our CCTV division with new equipment, an experienced operator, and internal staff training to better meet the needs of our clients. No matter if you're a home owner, small contractor, property management firm, engineering firm, municipality or utility district, Innovac will get the job done.